Friday, June 13, 2008

Short but sweet

I don't think I've had any more fun in this job than I did covering today's Pine Plains Class B regional softball final victory over Hampton Bays.
It lasted three minutes! That's right, three minutes!
All right, the back story for those of you didn't see it in the paper was these two teams played three hours Thursday night at SUNY New Paltz until darkness forced the suspension of the game with the Bombers ahead 3-2 in the bottom of the 12th.
It took three minutes to get the three outs -- not enough time for even my sensitive bald head to get sunburned. I went without sunblock. I must have sensed there would be a quick end.
A lot was made as to whether the game should have been stopped in the bottom of the inning. I know the folks over at Pine Plains were upset that they had to hit in the top of the 12th with the conditions nearly as dark as what Hampton Bays had to hit in for the bottom of the inning.
They probably should have suspended the game before the 12th started, but I think home plate umpire Joe Ausanio made about as good a call as could be expected in stopping it when he did -- especially when the Hampton Bays coach complained his hitters couldn't see.
That was probably as much gamesmanship on the coach's part as it was a safety issue.
But that's old news now. Pine Plains joins Rhinebeck in Saturday's state final four. I think we can all wish them luck.
But here's a thought. I know the games are scheduled for the morning, but just in case I hope they have lights at the BAGSAI complex in Binghamton.


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