Wednesday, November 21, 2007

hello again

Well folks:
It's been son long, I bet you all thought I had abandoned you. Well, that's not the case.
As I sit here getting set for not only Thanksgiving, but my (swallowing hard) 38th birthday over the weekend -- God, where have the years gone -- a few thoughts came to my head in response to some things that have made the sports pages here and nationally.

-- Belated congratulations to the Ulster men's soccer team for making the NJCAA final. It's been nearly 30 years since George Vizvary has reached the national title game, and although his team fell just short or its ultimate goal, George has to be proud of his guys.
-- Speaking of the NJCAAs, I think my feet have finally thawed out after spending two of the coldest days I can remember covering the games in Herkimer. I don't want to say it was freezing there, but wearing my winter jacket over two sweatshirts over a t-shirt, along with sweat pants under regular pants and four pairs of socks, and I still froze. Crazy!
-- Also belated congratulations to both the Red Hook volleyball team that reached the state final as well as the Pine Plains field hockey team that made it to the state final four. Great job ladies!
-- The same goes to the multitude of runners and swimmers that made states. As my big boss would say, kudos to you all!
-- Now didn't I tell you guys all summer long there was no chance Alex Rodriguez would leave the Yankees. Just call me a prophet -- or lucky.
-- Barry Bonds indicted for perjury and obstruction of justice? It took them that long for that? Maybe it's a witch hunt. Maybe it's not. But I'm pretty tired of the whole thing and wish it would just get resolved one way or another -- and quickly.
-- So, a month ago, the sky was falling on the Yankees. No Joe Torre. No A-Rod. Posada's leaving. Rivera's leaving. Pettitte's leaving. Funny how a couple of weeks changes perspectives.
-- We're so quick to rush to judgement when it comes to sports. Now everyone is down on the Mets. Maybe it's just me, but I don't think Omar Minaya is done wheeling and dealing considering it's still November.
-- Did the Jets beat the mighty Steelers, or was that just pure fantasy?
-- Did I read Jon Kitna say the Lions are better than the Giants? What's he drinking?
-- Nice job by James Dolan, Isiah Thomas and Stephon Marbury with the Knicks. This terrible trio has taken a once proud franchise and made it into a laughing stock.
-- Not like the Nets are doing a whole lot better these days.
-- A nice start by both the Rangers and Islanders. I expect the Devils, despite a slow start, to make a run as well. It's too early and they're too good not to.
Finally, as you all sit down and enjoy your holiday, be thankful for all life have given you.
For me, personally, I'm thankful most for my family and friends both near and far. I love all you guys.
So, to everyone out there, have a great Thanksgiving and I'll be talking to you again after taking a little time off for some warmth in sunny Florida.
Take care and God bless.


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