Monday, December 29, 2008

No longer the answer

In a previous post about the Yankees, I said you can't have it both ways when it comes to the Bombers and their big-ticket acquisitions.

The same holds true for you Jets fans out there when it comes to the firing of coach Eric Mangini and the uncertain future of quarterback Brett Favre. Mangini is gone, and Favre could very well be right behind him, much to the delight of Gang Green fans.

Listening to talk radio all day, you would have thought the Jets were 0-16 and Favre was not a future Hall of Fame quarterback. Do I think Mangini should have been fired? Probably, although I won't put all the blame on him. Do I think Favre is done as a quarterback? See my answer for the Mangini question.

There is no doubt the Jets have been awful the last five games, going 1-4 with losses to the 49ers, Seahawks, Broncos and Dolphins and their one win -- against the Bills -- was all but gift-wrapped for them.

However, the notion the Jets would have been better with Chad Pennington as their QB is laughable.

The overwhelming majority of Jets fans couldn't wait to push Pennington out the door, and I don't think it mattered who they were bringing in as their quarterback. And while I agree that Pennington has a renaissance in Miami, the Jets were no better than six wins with him.

I've never been a Favre fan, but he gave the Jets instant credibility the moment he took the field.

As for Mangini, he had two winning seasons and one losing one. Most coaches wouldn't be shown the door for that, but I can understand him getting the boot for the kind of finish they had.

But Jets' fans can't have it both ways. Everything couldn't have changed in one month.


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