Friday, August 3, 2007

Give him a break already!

Ok folks:
So let me get this straight. Jose Canseco has a book coming out soon where he says he will reveal "stuff" about A-Rod? Does it have something to do with steroids or some other performance-enhancing drug?
Canseco told a radio station in Boston recently to basically wait for the book.
I'm not one to question someone's credibility, but it's so easy when it comes to Canseco. From his trysts with Madonna, to his own steroid sagas to run-ins with the police, Canseco certainly hasn't distinguished himself when it comes to credibility.
Now in his first book, he did name names when it came to steroids and he was right-on when it came to some of those names.
So now it's A-Rod's turn.
From previous posts, you know I'm a huge A-Rod fan, so maybe I'm being a little sensitive when it comes to the subject of A-Rod.
I personally think he gets killed entirely too much in the media because he plays for the Yankees and he's the highest-paid player in the game. In recent Yankee blowout victories, his failed attempts at reaching 500 have been the story.
"Party Pooper" and "Nay-Rod" are two of the headlines I remember seeing in recent victories in which the Yankees tied team marks for home runs, but A-Rod failed to hit one. I don't of another player who would get treated like that in any sport around these parts.
And now A-Rod is faced with another witch-hunt.
I don't know A-Rod, never met him at all. Like I said, I'm just a fan.
Could he be guilty of what Canseco is hinting at? Perhaps.
But I find it kind of ironic that in his playing days with the Seattle Mariners and Texas Rangers, years in which A-Rod hit more home runs than he's hit with the Yankees, I've never heard one whisper about this.
So, when it comes to Canseco or members of the media who only are now saying they've heard those whispers before, my thought is this -- produce the evidence or leave this guy alone.
Thanks for letting me rant and until next time, take care and God bless.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That reminds me of Chico Escuela's classic, "Bad Stuff About the Mets."

August 13, 2007 at 10:49 PM 
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