Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Keeping it fun

Hello everyone:
One of the most frequent questions I've received over the nearly 20 years I've been here at the Freeman is what do I like best about my job.
The answer is simple -- sports.
To me, sports are all about fun and games. We're not solving any world crisis or making any political statements. In sports, you can root for the Yankees (like I do) or loathe them like many people here at the Freeman.
But that's what makes it fun. One of my oldest friends, Dave Cowan, who lives in Brooklyn with his wife and two children, is a diehard Mets and New York Giants fan. I love the Yankees and Dallas Cowboys.
With our lives and schedules these days, it’s rare that we get a chance to touch base all that often, but we can always talk sports. He can needle me about the start the Yankees have had and I can needle him with the Yankees play of late and the recent Mets mini-slump.
In my department, the assistant sports editor, Dave Hines, is a Mets fan; Don Treat roots for the Red Sox; Mike Stribl follows the Blue Jays; and Eric Houghtaling is loyal to his Cardinals.
I can tweak the guys here on a daily basis and they can give it right back.
In the end, does it really matter? Not in the least. But, once again, it's just plain fun.
That's what, hopefully, I'm accomplishing in this space on a regular basis. Because in the end we are only talking about sports here. I try to keep things light.
Which brings me to my closing, take care and God Bless. My father recently asked how I came about choosing this closing. I'm not particularly a religious man, but I thought it was a kind of neat way to let you all know that in the end I'm just having fun here.
So, with that said, happy blogging to you all and as always, take care and God Bless.


Blogger DC said...

You gave me a shout out just to get me to post a comment, didn't you.

Needle away my friend. The Yanks are still 9 1/2 out and the Mets are still 2 games in front. I'll take that anytime after a Yankee winning streak and a Mets losing streak. You just wish you had Jorge Sosa instead of Roger Clemens on your team.

June 12, 2007 at 5:24 PM 
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