Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Amazin ineptitude

Is it just me, or do the Mets need to do something -- ANYTHING -- to try to win back some credibility with their fans?

As the Yankees added Javy Vasquez, Curtis Granderson and Nick Johnson to their World Championship team, the Mets biggest pickup thus far is ... RA Dickey?

I know many Mets fans who'd like to have seen the Amazins make a splash this offseason, but Roy Halladay was dealt to the Phillies, who in turn traded Cliff Lee to the Mariners. The Red Sox signed John Lackey and the Yanks made their usual splash, while also bringing back Andy Pettitte.

Maybe the Mets will get Jason Bay and Bengie Molina. And that would be a nice START.

But until then, on has to ask: "Who's running the Mets' ship these days? And are they trying to run it into the ground?"

Friday, December 11, 2009

Fallen Stateswoman

Tonight, the Coleman Catholic girls basketball team plays its first home game since the Stateswomen won the state title last March.

Unfortunately, Coleman's top player -- state and Freeman Player of the Year Taylor Leonard, will not be on the court. Leonard suffered a season-ending knee injury playing for college scouts in an AAU game a few months ago.

With a strong returning group, the Stateswomen were primed to make a real run at defending their state title. They could very well still have enough to make that run anyway.

It will be strange, however, to read about this team without reading about Leonard, who was the heart and soul of last year's squad.

It certainly won't be the same.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiger's tale not newsworthy

Is it just me, or are you all tired of hearing about Tiger Woods.

I don't know what happened in terms of whether he had a fight with his wife or an affair with a woman from New York City or an affair with a woman from Las Vegas.

And I don't care.

In the end, he was fined $164 and had four points put on his license for "careless driving." Heck, I was fined more than that for getting a traffic ticket a little more than a month ago.

But we live in a tabloid society where knowing the less-than-glowing side of an athlete or a celebrity is more important than knowing what's going on in our region, state, country, world.

In the end, maybe this was nothing more than a simple case of careless driving where nobody got hurt. Maybe, it's more.

But definitely, it's none of anybody's business.