Monday, April 11, 2011

Talking Yankees, Mets

A little more than a week has passed in the Major League Baseball season, so let's take the temperature of the New York teams.

For the Yankees, your biggest concerns are Derek Jeter and Phil Hughes. In most of his at-bats, Jeter has looked overmatched. It seems as though the only person the Yankee captain would get a hit off these days is — teammate Hughes. The thing that would have to concern Yankee fans the most are not his two awful starts, but rather the fact that in each of those starts, this young hard-throwing pitcher is barely breaking 90 MPH.

That said, CC Sabathia is pitching like an ace and A.J. Burnett is pitching better than expected thus far. The Yankee offense is fine and will only get better.

As far as the Mets, fans have to be pleased with the more professional atmosphere new manager Terry Collins and GM Sandy Alderson has instilled. Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes, two big question marks for the season, have actually been OK.

Frankie Rodriguez has scuffled and Mike Pelfrey has yet to pitch like the ace he needs to be this season.

I see the Yankees making the playoffs. The Mets will surprise, but fall just short.

But wait a couple of weeks and I'm sure the temperature will change.