Sunday, December 25, 2011

Perfect man for a Giant job

One win.

That's all that separates the Giants from the NFC East title after Big Blue dismantled the Jets in their backyard battle.

For all the injuries and adversity the Giants have been hit with this season, the fact they're in this position is a testament to their organization in general and head coach Tom Coughlin in particular.

While his Jets' counterpart, Rex Ryan, did the talking in the days leading up to the big game, Coughlin chose to let his players' actions in the contest do his team's talking. This is in now way taking a shot at Rex because he's the perfect man to lead the Jets.

But when it comes to keeping his team focused for the task at hand, Giants' fans could do a lot worse than Tom Coughlin.

Monday, December 5, 2011

He's back?

If you want to know how important Tiger Woods is to the PGA, just listen to what the sports talking heads are discussing today.

The Giants almost handing the Packers their first loss? Yes.

Tim Tebow leading the Broncos to yet another fourth-quarter victory? Sure.

Tiger Woods winning the Chevron World Challenge? Definitely.

For the former top golfer in the world to get nearly as much attention as the two top NFL stories says a lot. I know it was Tiger's first victory in more than two years, but it came in a tournament he hosts that's not even recognized as an official PGA event.

Yet, the national sports media is giving him more attention than any of the golfers who won this year's majors. And I couldn't agree with them more.

As much as the PGA has wanted to thrust their young talent as the new faces of the PGA, they can't compare with the buzz Tiger Woods brings to the sport every week he is in contention. Over the weekend, every shot he hit was talked about and with every birdie Tiger posted, the announcers spoke about how close he looked to being the Tiger of old.

It's as if there were just begging for a Tiger return to dominance because, like him or hate him, Tiger Woods brings viewers to the PGA.

The Giants played a truly inspired game against the undefeated Packers before falling short in the final minute. Tebowmania continued its march to the playoffs.

But in what is a meaningless golf tournament in past years, the biggest story for next year might have began.