Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Messing with a good thing

I've always been a big believer in karma.

That said, I'm totally against the trade just competed between the Yankees and Tigers, with Kyle Farnsworth headed to Detroit for Ivan Rodriguez.

Is Pudge a borderline Hall of Famer? Probably. But his best days are far, far behind him, while the Yankees were getting quite a bit out of Farnsworth this year. True, Yankee fans would still hold their collective breath every time he pitched, but for the most part he delivered.

With Pudge in New York and his grand total of five home runs this year, it means Chad Moeller's days with the Yankees are likely over and Jose Molina, who has established himself as one of the premier defensive catchers in the league this year, will see his playing time significantly decreased.

I know the Yankees felt they needed a right-handed bat to offset the loss of Jorge Posada, but they accomplished that when they traded for Xavier Nady last week. This move is just not the right one and Yankee fans better hope it doesn't cost them a playoff spot this year.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Subway Serious

While it's way too soon to really talk about it, you can hear the whispers from the South Bronx to Flushing -- Subway Series.

The way the Yankees and Mets are playing right now, hey, you never know.

Although their lead is only one game in the NL East, you'd have to think the Amazins are without a doubt the team to beat there and I'd put them right with the Cubs and Brewers as the best team in the senior circuit.

As for the Yankees, their series at Fenway, coupled with the moves they've made, really give them a chance to get a playoff spot. They've certainly been the best team in the American League since the All-Star break.

If things break the right way, it could be an interesting October around here.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good Friday

For all you Yankee fans, it was a good Friday night.

First, Joba Chamberlain continues to impress as a starter and the Bombers beat the hated Red Sox, 1-0. Then, to top it off, New York addresses two weaknesses by acquiring one-time Met Xavier Nady and former Yankee farmhand Damaso Marte.

Two good pickups that should help keep the Yanks in the pennant race for the rest of the season.

It should be an interesting fall in New York.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Amazin turnaround

What a difference 48 hours makes.

Following the Mets' bullpen implosion in the ninth inning of the opener of their three-game first-place showdown with the Phillies on Tuesday, fans were calling for GM Omar Minaya and manager Jerry Manuel's heads.

Fans complained the Mets aren't good enough to win a wild card let alone content for a World Series championship. Last year's September collapse was talked about again and many contended the Phillies were better and mentally tougher than the Amazins.

So what happened since? The Mets won two in a row to take sole possession of first in the East.

And now many contend the Mets will not only win the East, but win it going away.

Time to jump on the bandwagon, I guess.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Make up your mind

I promised myself I wouldn't devote much space to this but ...

Let me get this straight! First Brett Favre retires, then he wants to un-retire and be released by the Packers and now only wants to be traded to a team he wants to play for. Are you kidding me?

I would say the Packers have been more than generous to Favre in his career, but now they OWE it to him to either release him or trade him to a team that he wants to play for? I guess the hundreds of millions of dollars they've paid him over his career weren't enough.

Make no mistake, I have no problem with Favre changing his mind after retiring. But can you imagine the precedent it would set if Green Bay would just out and out release him?

Could you picture the number of star players in their prime -- Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, LaDanian Tomlinson, take your pick -- frustrated with how things are going with their respective teams. What would stop them from saying in the spring 'I'm retired!' only to change their minds just before training camp. And on top of that asking for their release so they could play for whatever team they like.

Maybe we can call it the Favre rule.

What a joke!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Big start for Johan

It's not too often the Mets overshadow the Yankees in these parts, but for the next three days the Amazins take center stage with their battle for first place against the Phillies.

Johan Santana gets the start tonight for the Mets. It will be interesting to see of he pitches like the ace who the Mets gave nearly $150 million to, or if he will perform like the pitcher who's seemingly been just good (or bad) enough to lose.

I'm sure the Mets didn't pay all that money for their ace to have eight wins with 2/3 of the season to go. For Mets fans, it's time they get their money's worth and it starts tonight.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stop with the nonsense

Quick question.

Are you guys more tired of hearing about the whole Roger Clemens-steroids saga or the Brett Favre-retirement flip flop drama? My answer -- both are equally annoying.

Between the two, I think ESPN will have 75 percent of its programming covered for weeks to come.

Never mind there are great pennant races beginning to shape up in baseball, or for your local fans, Giants and Jets training camps are about to open. Hey, Saratoga is about to open its paddocks for another summer of thoroughbred racing.

It's all the Roger and Brett show. Between New York City, Houston, Green Bay and Mississippi, I guess the national media doesn't need to be anywehere else.

I could care less whether Roger Clemens did steroids or whether Brett Favre will "un-retire" and if so, will he go back to the Packers or play elsewhere.

There are so many other things to think about these days.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

No big deal

So, the New York City media made a big deal today about Boston closer's Jonathan Papelbon's comments that if he managed the AL team in tonight's All-Star game he would want himself to close out a possible win instead of Mariano Rivera.

Rivera fans were outraged, so too was an overwhelming majority of the media.

Although I believe Papelbon is not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed and his comments were completely idiotic, here is my overwhelming reaction -- ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

To reiterate what I said in my previous post, it's an All-Star game, lighten up. In the end, I'm sure Rivera will be in the game in the ninth -- AS HE SHOULD -- but if that does not happen, I for one would not lose any sleep over it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hello again

Wow! It seems like forever since I've had a chance to talk to you all, but I guess that what happens when you basically take three of the last four weeks off.
Anyway, first things first, here are a couple of housekeeping items.
Congratulations to all the Freeman baseball and softball All-Stars. Each year, we have difficult decisions to make and this year was no exception.
Good luck to all you seniors who's next step will come in college. Study hard, have fun and enjoy what is probably the coolest times of your lives.
OK, I want to turn my attention to tomorrow's MLB All-Star Game.
Maybe it's that I'm getting older, but I could care less about the game. I know a lot of people get wrapped up in it -- and I will say the MLB All-Star Game is the best of the pro leagues -- but I just don't get excited about it.
I hear people complain all the time this player should be in, that player shouldn't, this player should start, that player should close.
People, please, it's an All-Star Game. It's no big deal.
But maybe I'm wrong.