Monday, May 16, 2011

Rough weekend

I guess saying the Yankees had a bad weekend would be a bit of an understatement.

They get swept by their arch-rivals and if losing three-straight to the Red Sox wasn't bad enough for the Bombers, their longtime emotional leader basically had a temper tantrum when he found out he was dropped to 9th in the batting order.

Bouncing back from last weekend's debacle may prove easier than dealing long-term with the aging superstars on the team.

Posada's tantrum was out of line, plain and simple, but it's only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Yankee problems. CC Sabathia not yet pitching like the ace the Yanks desperately need right now hurts. All-Stars Derek Jeter, Mark Teixeira, Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano and Nick Swisher not hitting hurts even more.

Jeter is in the twilight of his career and A-Rod MIGHT not be as far behind as we would have thought. Tex and Swisher are 30 and CC can opt out of his contract following the season.

If nothing else, the Yankee drama will be interesting to follow over the coming days, weeks, months and years.